DBS Farmer
  DBS Farmer is an accounts package which has been  specially developed
  for farmers which covers all those unusual aspects found in farm accounts,
  such as contra invoices and monthly VAT periods.

* Quarterly or monthly VAT returns can be done quickly by pressing one
  button. A sales and purchase transactions list is printed with
  a copy of a VAT 100 return form, which allows you to copy figures
  across to the VAT 100 return form sent to you by the Customs & Excise.
  It's really that easy.

* All Sales, Self Billing and Contra Invoices can be entered on the same
  (Auctioneers, and most of the companies you sell to, use Self Billing
  Contra Invoices, where they make deductions for commission, levy's,
  transport & weighbridge charges etc, then add VAT to most of the
  deductions to make it more complicated).

* When entering Purchase Invoices you have the option to brake down
  the net amount into different GL accounts. This is useful when purchase
  goods from farm supply companies. (e.g. Machinery parts, animal feeds,
  fertilizer & crop sprays etc).

* You can create and print sales invoices for machinery, produce etc you
   have sold, or any work you may done out side of the farm. Invoices can
   be put on hold and completed at a later date.

* Reconciles your Accounts to match the bank statement. Indicate
  any payments you have made or money received that have not been
  entered on to the computer.

* Analyses of your Sales and Purchases to tell you how much Profit (or
  loss) you have made.

* Keeps a record of the Names, Addresses and Telephone numbers
  of the companies you do business with.

* Comprehensive range of management reports which aid decision-
   making and keep you in control.

* DBS Farmer is a comprehensive, logical, easy to use
  program, that  has been developed over a number of years with the
  first time user in mind and runs on Windows 95, 98, ME & XP

* There is an easy to understand online help manual, with  picture of
  most of the screens, example below.
* Also our help line is available from 9am to 10pm, 7 day a week.

  Contact us on 01208-72126 for more information DBS farmer,
  as we would be please to discuss your requirements at any time.
                      All for £149.00 + VAT
* The Price of £149.00 includes installation and setup, but you would
  need to delivered your computer to our premises at Bodmin.
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