DBS Primer
  DBS PRIMER is a new generation accounts software we have been
  developing in house since January 2002  and is today one of the most
  comprehensive, easy to use invoicing and stock control program on
  the market to day. It is being use by  agricultural merchants,
  machinery dealers, manufactures, garage and warehouse businesses.       
  DBS Primer is a full Windows program and runs on 95,98, ME, 2000, XP,
  and comes with all these modules. Sales, Purchase, General Ledgers, 
  Credit Control, Late Payment Control, Cash Book, Reconcile Bank and
  Stock Control.  Comprehensive management reports which aid
  decision-making and  keep you in control.

  Some of the outstanding Features.
* DBS Accounts is a new generation of software and can be fully 
  customized to your  requirements. Also can be used over multi-terminal

  Sales module: 
* You have two options when using the invoice screen.
  Enter the goods and print a cash sales receipt for point of sale
  customers or book to a customers account and print an advice note.

* At the end of the month advice notes are printed on a summary invoice.
  (A summary invoice is a number of advice notes on one invoice).

* You can add or delete a part to an existing advice, at any time during 
  the month. Also you can put an advice on hold, for invoice in another

* Adding a credit surcharges to customers invoices will help to get your
  money in on time and penalise the slow pays. (If customers pay
  invoices late and still deduct credit surcharges, you have the ability
  to override the payment date and accept the lower amount).

* Look up parts, by part number or description, by typing in the first few
  letters or numbers.

* Look up customer buying history, as all the invoices for a customer are
  kept on the computer for 5 years or more and are still viewable.

  Stock Control Module:
* 70 characters items description.

* Different part numbers for buying and selling is optional.

* Setup item types or suppliers name to automatically calculate selling
  price from the purchase price.

* Items can be setup with maximum, minimum and reorder quantities. 
* Each item can have a stock location.

* You can set each customer with a Retail, Trade, Cost or Euro price.

* Sales analysis reports show all the customers that have purchased an 
  item and all the items a customers have purchased.

* Automatically create suggested stock orders, but can be edited 
  manually. You have five formula to choose from to create the order,
  using the max, min quantities and seasonal override.

* Use only one screen to view and edit, quantity on hand, set item
  balances, purchase & selling prices, buying & selling part numbers, stock
  location, item description and last purchase price & date. Also shows
  sales history by month for 24 months, and by years for 4 years.

  General Ledger:
* Click one button to calculate your VAT and print a detail report, also   
  prints a copy of the VAT 100 form, so you can copy the figures across. 
  VAT can be calculated standard or cash accounting, also monthly or

  Cash Book:
* Sales & Payment Entry Screen for entering money you may have received
  from grants, subsidies refunds, dividends etc.

* Purchase & Payment Entry Screen for entering money you may have paid
  out on items paid for at the time of purchase, (e.g. wages, vehicle tax,
  bank interest and charges etc.

  Easy to use
* There is an easy to understand online help manual, with a picture of
  most of the screens, example below.
* Also our help line is available from 9am to 10pm, 7 day a week.

  Contact us on 01208-72126 for more information on DBS Primer, we
  would be please to discuss your requirements at any time.
                      From £999.00 + VAT
* The Price of £999.00 includes installation and setup.
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